Indian Decorative Box

19th Century, Circular Antique Box


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These boxes, traditionally referred to as Betel boxes, have been used for hundreds of years in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. They are used to store a fragrant paste similar to tobacco called a betel nut. These betel boxes range in shape, size, decoration, and materials. Relief decorated in a squiggle pattern of curves, this neat little box will add a lot of curiosity and intrigue to your room interior. The heavy oxidation and tarnish add to the feeling of something old, an item of genuine antiquity. This box dates to the 19th century and is from India.


This object measures 1.75 inches in diameter, not including the exterior hinges.


The vessel displays heavy oxidation and tarnish, consistent with its age and use. The hinges are frail, and the front lock mechanism has no closure.

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