Antique Chinese Jadeite Box

19th century, Qing dynasty


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Coordinate the appealing sheen of jadeite for your tabletop decor and shop this antique Chinese jadeite box for sale. Decorated in mellon form with six lobed sides, the box is designed with steep rounded edges rising from the circular edged base. The similarly shaped cover is carved flat with an alluring high relief decoration with symbols of a ruyi scepter, ribbon, and peaches.

The jadeite stone is mottled in an apple-green color with a vibrant, glossy sheen and cool. Dated to the 19th century circa 1850-1900, this wonderful tabletop decorative box is a wonderful addition to various interior decor styles and a brilliant addition for anyone that collects Chinese antiques and jadeite decorative objects. The stone has been observed by a gemologist and is pure jadeite with no enhancement.


The box measures 1.9 inches in height and measures 3.9 inches in diameter.


The box displays natural inclusions, minor imperfections to the stone, and a visible inclusion vein on the front edge of a lobe panel, which vertically runs from the cover to the box base.

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