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Delft Blue Candle Holders

Vintage Ceramic Pottery and Brass


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Product Details

Add a touch of rustic Dutch flair with these vintage delftware blue brass mounted stout form candlesticks for sale on All The Decor. Who doesn’t love candleholders? Candleholders are a great functional accent should you choose to change the mood of a room, have a relaxed dinner by candlelight, or just enjoy the vertical and symmetrical element they add to your interior. The truth is, I think it is almost impossible ever to have enough candlesticks and candleholders.

Decorating with delt blue imbues the history of the 17th-century Dutch historical tradition. Originally crafted to imitate the inimitable Chinese blue and white Chinese porcelain, which during the time were collected by Kings, Royalty, and only the wealthiest merchants and members of high society, this tin-glazed earthenware, while initially only intimidated the like-kind designs of the Chinese porcelain blue and white wares, soon reflected the artistic merits of the Dutch and their artistic traditions. As a result, the delft style and traditions where born.

Delftware while it has a long decorative and artistic history adds a clean and crisp touch as a home accent or lighting accessory to any county modern, old contemporary county cottage, or rustic interior decor with vintage inspirations. The result is a modern, clean style in the spirit of the modern farmhouse or cottage interior.

Delft candle holders are not a common home accent. The combination of brass and Delft ceramic pottery or earthenware, in many ways, pays homage to reclaimed or repairs examples of the earliest 17th-century delftware pieces. Delft pottery plates or chargers, which are essentially large plates or platters, are often the most common objects made in the delft style, and as such, this makes this diminutive set of candle holders, unique home accent with many decorative applications. This pair of candleholders would be an excellent addition for anyone looking to add a couple of candleholders to a shelf, desk, side table, cabinet, or other tabletop surface home furnishing.

If you decorating in a modern county classic, or modern cottage rustic style, these are a great addition, these would also work great as a delft themed home accent when you want something to put on a tabletop, and a plate or other flat object won’t work. This pair is also on the smaller side, unlike some massive torches, and due to their size won’t overpower the other items in the interior so you can mix and match them with a group of exciting table accents that make your tabletops come alive with color and interesting and unique objects.

Size Information

Each candleholder displays various oxidation and tarnish to the brass mounts and brass bases. The ceramic pottery inserts feature additional imperfections and surface wear. Do please note, these are nonstandard sized candlesticks, it is advised to wait until delivery to determine the appropriate size or 0.78 inches in diameter.

Condition Report

Each candle holder measures 4.75 inches in height and has a diameter of 3 inches at the base.


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