Cast Iron Antique Stars

Six Old five-point American cast-iron architectural salvage stars


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Product Information

Decorate your home and garden with architectural elements for old houses and shop these cast iron antique stars for sale. This set of six American five-point stars are a great home decor element for wall decor inside or outside your home or even as tabletop decor to help fill a space. These well weathered and heavily patined antique stars with sunken relief decoration provide a great addition for anyone looking to decorate in the style of farmhouse decor, cottage style, or to achieve that old house or old barn look.

These stars are great for anyone interested in buying old salvage that can fit into any space, both large or small. These stars come to us from an old county estate just outside of Westchester, NY.


Each star measures 3 inches in diameter.


The stars display elements of tarnish, wear, oxidation, and tarnish.
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