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Decorating an interior with antique collectible pottery is never a wrong move. If you are a collector of antique art pottery even better or are a serious student of Weller Pottery and the long and storied tradition of rare Weller pottery pieces, this is your buy. If you are just lucky enough to find this vase for sale and are not a serious collector of collectible art pottery or The Weller pottery company, but are simply looking for beautiful and exotic antique home decor accents, then you’re in luck. You stumbled into a lucky find.

Weller pottery was produced for decades. During the turn of the century, circa 1900, and was one the largest manufactures of decorative pottery vases, jardinieres, planters, vases, and other ceramic art pieces in the country. The Weller company produced many different lines or series of pottery, some more generic yet very handsome, and some that were more rare, experimental, and involved a great deal of artistically handcrafted involvement. Some of those lines are the most collected and valuable of the Weller pieces, such as the Xenia, Weller Cretone, their famed Sicard line, designed by Jacques Sicard from 1902-1907, and this example for sale on our platform the LaSa series crafted and designed by John Lessell in 1920.

This beautifully hand-painted Weller pottery vase represented the pinnacle of the Weller brand and its artistic capabilities. The LaSa, Sicard, and other mentioned collections represent not only the most popular collectible pottery examples made by Weller but also the most valuable. The hand-painted fall-winter season landscape scene that wraps around the vase is further highlighted by the full and saturated tone of the ceramic pottery glaze in a rainbow hue of color.

This vase would work in many different types of interior decor styles. This vase will work well in conjunction with other period decor and furnishings if you are looking to capture an art deco, arts and crafts, or even art nouveau style.

The vase form features a flanged rim and a tapered neck and would serve as a dry flower vase or as a stand-alone antique decorative tabletop, shelf, or console top accent. This vase is an excellent addition for anyone that collects antique pottery, rare examples of Weller Pottery of Zanesville, Ohio, or is looking for a genuine and unique hand-painted accent vase for their interior decor.


This vase measures 10 inches in height and 3.75 inches in diameter.


As this vase is circa 1920 or the early part of the twentieth century, it is antique, and the condition of the vase is consistent with its age. The hand-painted surface features some scuffs, wear, and imperfections. The underside of the vase also presents some imperfections and signs of wear.

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