Artone Mr. Pickwick Toby Jug

By Artone - England Hand Painted Figurine


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Shop this Artone Mr. Pickwick Toby jug for sale. This antique miniature hand-painted Toy style jug is stamped Artone, England, hand-painted on the underside. A Toby Jug, also known as a Fillpot (or Philpot), is a type of ceramic jug that is shaped like a sitting person or the head of a recognizable figure. This character is typically depicted in the form of a joyful, heavy-set guy carrying a cup of beer in one hand and a tobacco pipe in the other and dressed in 18th-century clothing, which includes an 18th-century long coat and tricorn hat. A handle is connected to the back of the tricorn hat, which serves as a pouring spout, and the lid of the tricorn hat is typically detachable. A variation on this theme is Toby jugs, which represent only the head and shoulders of a figure. These are more properly known, however, as character jugs, which represent only the face of an individual character. The small jug is ideal for collectors of vintage Toby jugs, English porcelain, and collectibles related to England.


3.2 inches in height.


The small jug has minor imperfections and wear.

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