Snoopy Great Pumpkin Ceramic Cookie Jar

Peanuts Galerie, Peanuts Worldwide LLC


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Product Information

Shop this Snoopy Great Pumpkin Ceramic Cookie Jar for sale. This ceramic cookie jar is manufactured by Peanuts Galerie, Peanuts Worldwide LLC. Galerie, Hebron, KY, and made in China. This charming ceramic pumpkin features Snoopy on the top of the lid as part of the handle. The jar has a glossy finish and is a must for anyone that collects Snoopy collectibles or is looking for a charming Halloween holiday decoration for their kitchen or interior. The jar dates to the early 2000s or late 1990s.


7 inches in height. 6.5 inches in diameter.


The cookie jar with minor scuffs and paint imperfections. Potting and paint imperfections on the underside base.
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