Lazy Harrys Home

Little Delight’s series, 19th century


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Shop this 19th-century antique children’s part of Little Delight’s series entitled Lazy Harry’s Home. Published by McLoughlin Bros. Collectible children’s books are a joy and pleasure to own and look through. This book presented is marked through to six pages and displays several color images. This rare edition would be a joy for any collector of Victorian-era children’s stories as part of our online books for sale on All The Decor.

The reverse of the edition displays other titles part of the one-cent books, books, and games, Young America’s Series, Aunt Mary’s Little Series, Little Pleasewell’s, Little Delights, Old Series Dolls, Topsey Series-Dolls, Little Tom Thumb Series, and Dominoes. McLoughlin Bros. & Co. New York.


This book measures 4.35 inches by 3.5 inches, closed.


With tears, page page, staining, and toning.

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