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Vintage 1950s-1960s Intaglio Print, Signed Ishikawa


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Shop this abstract wall art print for sale by Japanese conceptual artist Ishikawa. This intaglio print dates to the 1950s-1960s and is an attractive choice to help complete your interior masterpiece. The art print has a vibrant palette of blue, red, and yellow colors, and this abstract interior scene presents an organic series of shapes, forms, and lines to create this unique composition. The double line accents in this work also create a shimmering or double-take effect, a unique and experimental illusion, almost appearing out of focus but not.

This work reflects the post-war period of modern and contemporary art, influenced by the previous generations of art movements. This period gave way to the influences of abstraction and the emerging expressionist, abstract expressionists, and pop art movements. While post-war contemporary art is, namely, reflected upon in regards to paintings, postwar printmaking also saw a change in techniques and attitudes toward experimentation that reflect the qualities of this work.

This era saw the emergence of a new group of experimental printmakers, including Leonard Baskin, Jacob Landau, Fritz Eichenberg, Ansei Uchima, Yasuhide Kobashi, Arthur Deshaies, Elaine de Kooning, and Shigeru Izumi. At the same time, places of learning, such as the Tamarind Institute, also played a critical role in furthering and developing this printmaking movement during this period. This wall art print is a result of that experimentation and development during that era. This print came to us from a Boston collection, and we hope it helps you fulfill your interior wall decor design ideas and inspirations for your space.


The printed sheet measures 12.5 inches by 19.9 inches, the image measures 11.5 by 17.9 inches.


The image margins display toning and staining. The margins are unevenly cut, and the margins with frame mounting residue on edge and staining on margins.
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