WW1 Band Photograph

Early 20th Century, Circa 1915 German Soldiers Drinking


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Shop this WW1 photograph for sale. This original World War One ” Men At War” albumen photograph of a group of German soldiers, a unique picture with a classic black and white contrast ideal for old photo wall art. The image depicts German soldiers all sitting on a hillside enjoying a beer or cider from their stoneware mugs. The image is an albumen photograph circa 1915 or the first quarter 20th century.

The outfits were worn by this band all account for the traditional German soldier gear of World War 1. The reverse of the image stamped “Atelier, A. Galvagni Wurzburg.” A unique wall decor original photograph from All The Decor, part of our original collections of old black and white photographs for sale.


The photograph measures 6.88 inches by 9.33 inches.


The image displays toning and wear; the surface displays abrasions, toning, and light staining.
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