American Buffalo Photograph

late 19th century glass plate negative


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Shop this fantastic American buffalo photograph on All The Decor. This magnificent 19th-century image, an old black and white photograph, is presented in a glass plate negative format, perfect for various interior decor styles. This old photograph is ideal for anyone looking to decorate their wall interiors with images from the old American West. As this is a negative photographic plate, the image can be customized to any needed print size, whether you are looking for small-sized wall art or a large wall art photograph original print.

This plate is not a reprint or copy. The original film used in the camera to capture this image. Glass plate negatives, invented in 1850, had been developed to resolve the need for higher quality and more stable types of photographic film processing and results. This image came to us from a collection of old American west collectibles and artwork from the state of Ohio.


The plate measures 4 inches by 5 inches.


The plate is shown with and without corrections, with scratches, staining, and edge chips. The glass surface with residue

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