Antique Horse Drawn Sleigh Photograph

19th Century, Glass Plate Negative Photograph


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Product Information

Shop this antique horse-drawn sleigh photograph for sale. Produced in an original and genuine glass plate negative, this photograph’s negative plate is the original 19th-century edition of this image. This format allows for a highly open formatting option for anyone looking to reproduce this image in any size, for any room, style, or wall interior. The majestic horses depicted in this image are shown center, with an antique wooden snow or winter season sleigh pulled right. The driver is shown in period attire also sits right with his sleigh whip held in position high.

One can imagine this photograph was taken on a rural farmstead. The barren landscape and well-trodden snow imply this was a well-used path. This glass plate negative photograph would fit many different interior styles, perhaps matching the farmhouse decor style or an early American theme for anyone looking to decorate with genuine period wall art.


This glass plate negative photograph measures 4 inches x 5 inches. However, it may be formatted for any desired frame and matting or size for any interior wall placement.


As glass plate negatives are very fragile and are easily stained and scratched on the emulsion surface, this plate has noted defects, scuffs, emulsion loss, edge chips to the glass plate, and other imperfections consistent with the age of this image. Under proper formatting conditions, these imperfections can mostly be removed for development into a wall art photograph.
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