Antique Dog Photograph

19th Century, Glass Plate Negative


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Product Information

This image is presented in a glass plate negative format. This original image is an excellent purchase for anyone who collects old dog photos or is looking for a one-of-a-kind image with a happy dog theme. The image’s background suggests a farmstead or rural work area during the late 19th century. The dog subject of this image is a fun picture that dog lovers can use as original wall decor to personalize and decorate their home decor.

This quality image can be resized to various sizes, making it very flexible for anyone looking for an image that is just the right size for their space. Between approximately 1880 and the late 1920s, glass plate negatives were widely employed. Silver gelatin dry plate negatives are another term for this negative.


The plate measures 4 inches by 5 inches.


The glass plate displays elements of edge chipping, spotting, fingerprint markings, and areas of over-exposure and color imbalances.

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