African American Mother and Child Tintype Photograph

19th century, circa 1870-1880


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Shop this African American mother and child tintype photograph for sale. The photograph was taken in the nineteenth century and came to us from a well-known New England collection of antique African American images taken during the nineteenth century.

The tintype was invented in 1853, and it was created using a process comparable to the ambrotype. Photographic material must be coated, exposed, and developed on location to be used in this technique. The collodion process is the name given to this method of developing photographic material. Even though these images are referred regarded as tintypes, the sheets on which they are printed are frequently made of iron, as in this example from the 1860s-1870s. The image is a wonderful image of early African American history during the late 19th century. The image of a formally dressed mother and daughter. Little is known on the backstory of the image, other than it is from the Northeast.


The plate measures approximately 2.25 x 3.5 inches.


The plate surface with scuffs, scratches, surface loss, bent edges, trimmed sides-uneven, and surface coloration varies depending on lighting conditions.

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