Charlie Brown Linus 9 of Clubs U.S. Postal Cover

A Charlie Brown Christmas, First Day Issue


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Product Information

Shop this Charlie Brown Linus 9 of Clubs U.S. Postal cover for sale. The envelope features a nine of clubs card with Charlie Brown and Linus standing in the snow while holding their little Christmas tree. The cover displays a Forever USA stamp in the upper right-hand corner that depicts Charlie Brown and Linus with the little Christmas tree.

The center section displays a bible inscription from Luke 2:111-14 and the printed legend Wile Cachets. The card’s left-hand displays “A Charlie Brown Christmas First Day Issue. ” The center stamped 50 years, a Charlie Brown Christmas.


The envelope measures 3.5 inches in height and measures 6.5 inches in length.


The card with minor imperfections and variations to the card and envelope.
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