African Bead Necklace

Mid 20th Century handmade glass beads


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Product Information

Shop this African bead necklace for sale. This necklace is decorated using a vibrant away of marbled yellow circular glass beads, placed between ebony or black, orange, and blue African beads come in all shapes, sizes, and color varieties. Many of the beads come from all over Africa, including Kenya and Ghana.

This necklace features a modern metal bead screw clasp closure for stable and secure wearing. Based on the metal mounting, necklace thread, and age of the beads, we determine this necklace circa the 1980s. This necklace would be an excellent purchase for anyone looking for unique vintage fashion jewelry, interested in collecting African trade beads, or interested in African-style jewlery.


This necklace measures 19 inches in total length when unhinged and measured from end to end for length.


This necklace is in overall good condition with minor imperfections in the glass beads.
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