Antique Pewter Decorative Plate

18th Century Armorial Crest Design Dated 1739


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Product Information

Antique pewter decorative plates are a great way to add unique decorations and ornament to your interior decor, and the earlier the pewter, the better. Pewter has a lovely and rich dark great patina that goes well with almost every color, and this 18th-century plate is no exception.

Dated 1739 and with an Armorial crest shield, with the initials “G.S.M,” this item is a beautiful object for wall decor in various interior room styles for your home decor. From the cottage, farmhouse decor, modern English county living, or Even the caste decor. This is a unique and old object that will continue to add inspiration for years to come. This item has come to us from an estate near Burlington, Vermont.


The circular disc measures 9.5 inches in diameter.


The surface and material displays wear, surface abrasions, oxidation patches, light surface dents, tarnish, and residue buildup in the incised craves.
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