1945 Wheat Penny Value

Find out if your 1945 wheat penny could be worth as much as $14,400!
1945 Wheat Penny

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August 24, 2022


1945 Wheat Penny Value

The 1945 wheat penny, also referred to as the Lincoln wheat penny, is still quite popular with American coinage collectors despite being one of the most produced runs of the wheat penny series. In fact, according to recent estimates, the value of these coins can be quite substantial depending on the condition and rarity of the coin. So if you’re lucky enough to have one in your collection, what’s it worth? Keep reading to find out!

Who Designed The 1945 Wheat Penny

David Victor Brenner designed the wheat penny. Since 1909, the United States Mint has been minting the Lincoln cent, sometimes known as the Lincoln penny or wheat penny, which has always been designated as a one-cent piece. Victor David Brenner created both the original reverse, showing two wheat stalks, and the obverse, or heads side (thus “wheat pennies”, struck between 1909–1958).

1945 Wheat Penny Values

The 1945 wheat penny is worth 15 cents in average condition, always more than their face value. Some examples of 1945 Wheat Penny are also valuable because they contain errors or are in exceptional mint state condition, which are in high demand by collectors. For these reasons, the 1945 Wheat Penny is a great addition to any collection and also a coin perfect for entry-level collectors and advanced collectors alike.

1945 Wheat Penny No Mint Mark

A 1945 wheat penny with no mint mark means the Philadelphia mint produced it. The mint made 1,040,515,000 1945 unmarked wheat pennies and was the second-largest production of wheat series pennies between 1909-1958. These coins are typically worth 15 cents and can be worth between $1.75-$2.00 or more in uncirculated conditions depending on the marketplace and the coin. However, graded examples of these coins command a premium, and fine-graded examples continue to rise in price.

How Many Unmarked 1945 Wheat Pennies Were Made

Identified by the lack of a letter below the date, the mint produced 1,040,515,000 of these coins. Unmarked 1945 wheat pennies were produced by the Philadelphia mint.

How much is a 1945 no mint mark wheat penny worth?

An unmarked 1945, no-mint wheat penny is the most common of the three mint mark coins, and although it does not contain a mint mark was produced by the Philadelphia mint. In the average condition, it is worth 15 cents —more than face value.

1945-D Wheat Penny

The Philadelphia unmarked minted penny was more widely distributed than the 1945-D penny. They can be recognized by the letter D that appears after the date, which stands for the Denver mint. 1945-D wheat pennies in average condition are widespread and can be bought for considerably less than $1 at around 15 cents. These coins can occasionally be found for a few dollars, and those costs also reflect the market. Make sure you understand the condition of the coins because a 1945D Wheat Penny brought the highest price ever paid for a 1945 coin. More On That Below

How Many Denver mint 1945 Wheat Pennies Were Made

Identified with a D, below the date the mint produced 266,260,000 of these Denver mint coins.

1945-S Wheat Penny

The 1945-S penny was produced by the San Francisco mint and reflected the smallest produced number of the three coins. It is also a reasonably inexpensive coin condition and error pending, with values for average coins commanding less than a dollar at around 15 cents.

How Many San Francisco mint 1945 Wheat Pennies Were Made

Identified with the letter S (San Francisco mint) below the date, the mint produced 181,770,000 of these S-stamped coins.

Example of A 1945 Wheat Penny

An example of the front of a 1945 wheat penny is average condition. The red arrow points to the mint mark. This example shows the D mint mark, for the Denver mint.

An example of the back of a 1945  wheat penny in average condition.

What is the 1945 wheat penny error?

This penny contains many different types of errors. The Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco mint marks all include many mistakes on this penny date.

1945 Wheat Penny Errors

All coin productions produce some coins that have errors. 1945 wheat pennies are no different. Just because your penny has an error doesn’t mean it’s extremely valuable, but it may. Some errors are more common than others, and even then, the condition of those error coins still is extremely important. If you do feel that your 1945 wheat penny has an error and it is in good condition, having it graded may be the best course of action. Some more common errors in these coins are called cut errors, lamination errors, broad struck, and double die errors. $100-$700, while some rare errors have brought between $3000-$7000, still below the record of $14,400 for the rare 1945-D, Denver mint coin in MS 70 condition sold in 2019.

Should I Have My 1945 Wheat Penny Graded

Like all coins, 1945 wheat pennies that are graded by venerable institutions like PGCS command the highest premium. Their value is not simply because they are graded but also generally referred to the finest conditions of these coins. Grades range from ungradable coins, which are typically worth the least, all the way up through MS or mint state coins, the highest of which is MS-PR-70 which stands for mint state/proof. If you feel your 1945 wheat pennies are in ultra-fine condition, having them graded is always a wise choice.

What Is The Most Ever Paid For A 1945 Wheat Penny

The highest recorded price for a Lincoln Cent (Wheat Reverse) was a 1945-D in MS (mint state) and was sold for $14,400.00. in 2019 through Heritage Auctions.

What Is The Composition of the 1945 Wheat Penny

The 1945 Wheat Penny is made of 5% zine and 95% copper.

What Is The Weight of a 1945 Wheat Penny

3.11 grams.

Why is the 1945 penny rare

The 1945 wheat penny is not a particularly rare coin. However, depending on the coin’s condition and if it contains an error, it can be considered a scarce coin worth thousands of dollars. It certainly does not have million-dollar potential like the 1943 bronze penny, but it is certainly, under some conditions, worth exponentially more than face value.

Here is a video that explains the types of errors found in 1945 wheat pennies and their potential values.

More Read and information

Author, coin specialist, and numismatist James Bucki has written many excellent articles on coins and pennies. He writes for The Spruce Crafts. Professional grading service PCGS is a great resource and performs world-class grading services for coins. NGC also provides expert coin guides and grading services. They also offer a world-class price guide for graded coins. 

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