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Early 19th century, chamberstick


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Shop this antique brass candleholder for sale from All The decor. This chamberstick features a riveted case handle and a knob in the steam to control the use of the candle wax and for removal and cleaning. An interesting fact about chambersticks is that they were meant to burn a different type of wax than most other candleholders. That being tallow wax and not beeswax, as beeswax burning more brightly and was used for various lighting purposes. Beeswax was also much more expensive than tallow wax, and so it was often not used merely as a light to guide a short distance. Some chambersticks feature a snuffer or extinguishers to place the fire out; this chamberstick does not require that feature.

Based on the visual elements of this item, the construction, patina, and style, we place this piece to date to the early 19th century—the candle holder made in either England or the United States. Generally, chambersticks were placed in the entrance of a home so that anyone looking to retire for the evening would be able to find it and carry it respectively to their bedroom for sleep. However, chambersticks add a decorative element to any room in a home or garden interior in modern times. They work just as well with beautiful English furniture in traditional English as much as an American rustic farmhouse decor dining table.


This candle holder is 4.25 inches in height and measures 5 inches in diameter at the base.


This brass chamberstick has a hefty amount of tarnish, oxidation, some green oxidation residue, and some usual scuffs and light denting as expected from use and the age of this item.

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