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Antique Framed Silhouette

19th-century full length portrait


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Product Details

Brighten your interior with the theme of fine American decorative arts and shop this antique framed silhouette for sale. Dated to the late 19th century, circa 1875-1890, this charming full-length portrait of a man and woman in full-length profile adds a warm and glistening element to your wall decor that will create an uplifting decorative element for your space.

Handcrafted as a finely cut silhouette, this genuine antique wall decor find creates a dazzling visual contrast between the ivory white background palette and the bold black overtly ornate trimmed portraits of what is presumably portraiture of man and wife. The glistening antique decorated gilt frame adds a voluminous contrast to the combination of the black and white palette, adding a distinctive charm and adds an uplifting element to your space. Such full-length double portraits are a rare find, and this one comes to us from a New England collection of fine American Antiques.

Size Information

The frame measures 12.5 inches in length by 10.5 inches, the image 10 inches by 8 inches the visible image.

Condition Report

The picture not examined outside of the frame. The frame displays elements of abrasions and imperfections. The interior sheet displays foxing, wrinkles, and abrasions to the reverse cut sheet.


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