What is Vintage Decor

What Is Vintage Decor

By Sarah Beth Kelly

Vintage decor brings new life to your interiors from the old. Buying vintage decor for your home, office, or space adds a wonderful dimension of color and genuine style and holds its value if purchased well.

There tends to be a cloud of confusion about what is vintage decor when looking for vintage decor to buy because a lot of the vintage decor on the market is not vintage; it is brand new. It’s just like looking for genuine farmhouse decor only to find decor that has never seen daylight, let alone a farmhouse, probably just a warehouse, and that is not farmhouse decor either. At least not honest farmhouse decor.

Some people will insist that vintage decor only consists of items and objects made during the 1940s-1970s, and even considering the 1970s as vintage for them is pushing it. While I can find many who disagree on this, I can get everyone to agree that that vintage is not brand new.

Brand new home decor has a wonderful place in home decorating and interior decor; however, it is not vintage.
Marketing new items as vintage certainly sound cool when you are trying to sell a widget. Still, it’s not vintage; it’s vintage style- yes, it’s great to have a cool marketing slogan to sell your goods. Still, it messes with a market of people who may not know what vintage decor is anymore due to improper marketing tactics. I like vintage decor. I buy vintage decor, and I am always looking for exciting vintage decor, vintage home accents, and vintage furnishings. Still, it isn’t always easy to find because of the mixing of terms and labels to market home goods.

Treasure Hunt

So what is vintage anyway? Vintage decor is a lot more than old suitcases, old camera, and trunks and vintage decor home accents aren’t just things you find at the Goodwill that people almost threw away, or picked up at a garage sale for a dollar.

Vintage tends to be not very new things, and it also tends not to be very old things like antiques. Don’t worry, I will talk about antiques some other time, and no antique isn’t just a style of wall paint.

Some people like to try to place the term vintage decor into a divider. Like only real vintage can be items from 1940-1960, or 1970, or items from 1920-1960, etc. Who made up these rules? Generally, these days the term vintage refers to items that are older than 20 years old.

What Defines Vintage ?

Vintage decor doesn’t always mean used things, as in things that someone beat up and used as a punching pad for 40 years. I have seen vintage items that have never been used in brand new mint condition. They are still vintage, and they are also not brand new. Generally, you cant go out and buy a quantity of 200 brand new vintage items. I have seen it happen when someone finds a stash of 600 vintage tuxedo pants from the 1950s that were never worn, but that generally isn’t the norm.
Vintage doesn’t just mean something from the 1940s-1960s. Generally, something 25-30 years old is vintage. As time moves forward, as time does, this date continues to change and adjust, and something 100 years old or older is generally considered antique.

Vintage doesn’t mean cheap either. You can buy a vintage Axel Salto ceramic vase for $120,000, or you can buy a vintage ceramic vase for $100. However, it isn’t by Alex Salto. Vintage doesn’t automatically mean cheap or expensive. On All The Decor, we offer vintage decor for sale at all different price points because we cater to every buyer’s price points. The point is not to be put off by the expectation of price, quality, or condition vintage decor is accessible to everyone at every experience level and budget.

On the whole, vintage decor represents excellent value instead of the market for a lot of brand new home decor. When you purchase most brand new items, you lose money the moment you purchase them. When you buy vintage decor right, you don’t automatically lose money, and you may have even made a little, and over time some vintage decor goes up or can even soar in value. Obviously, that isn’t the norm, but it happens, and it happens a lot more often compared to the decor and furnishings you buy that is brand new when you buy them.

Vintage Value

So besides value, why would you want to decorate with vintage decor anyway? The biggest reason is that vintage decor has character. Using original and genuine vintage decor to decorate an interior is like turning on the air conditioning in your house on a hot day. You notice it, and it is refreshing.

When you see magazine spreads like Elle Decor and Architectural digest, all those fantastic and beautiful interiors in their magazines are loaded with fine antiques and vintage decor. Yes, they also include modern and contemporary furnishings and accents; however, it’s like portfolio management. The mix thing up and keep a diversified portfolio.

So how do you find and buy authentic vintage decor? You buy it from sites like this one—allthedecor.com. We handpick the items we present and curate the collection of items for sale. We have professional art advisors on staff that select our merchandise to ensure they are unique and interesting items and genuine for whatever their category denotes.

We also take into consideration everyone’s tastes. We may offer an item you may not like, but that doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t like it, and we are mindful of everyone’s tastes and budget when it comes to buying unique and cool gifts and home accents and furnishings. We always encourage you to view our daily updated selection of vintage decor for sale and wish you a happy shopping!

About The Author

Sarh Beth Kelly has been buying and selling vintage decor and collectibles on online marketplaces for over 25 years. In addition to being a prolific shopper and collector, She regularly attends antique fairs, appraisal fairs and assists in charity events as an appraiser of vintage collectibles and vintage decor.

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