What Color Should I Paint My Room

Finding the perfect paint color can be a struggle, but it can also be a science. Here we dissect the best colors for your rooms, ideas, and inspiration
Painting A Room

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May 5, 2021


Paint colors and room design for your home and living space

Finding the perfect paint color can be a struggle, but it can also be a science. Thanks to the psychology of color, you can narrow down your paint options based on your room and the tone you want to set.

While you are certainly free to choose any color that sparks your interest, taking color psychology into account can help each room in your home feel more inviting and comfortable. Picking great colors for your space can also help accentuate your home decor and wall art. If you find yourself asking, “what color should I paint my room,” keep reading for tips on room color ideas and color psychology.

Color Psychology

Color has a huge influence on how you feel. Without even realizing it, the color of paint on your walls can influence how you and those around you feel. In fact, just changing the paint color in a room can make it feel like an entirely new space.

When choosing a paint color, the psychological effects of color can help you make the right decision. Warm colors, like red, yellow, or orange, can make you feel energized or happier. Cool colors, like blue, green, or purple, can bring calming energy to your space. Each color evokes different emotions, and you can select a paint color that best fits your purpose for a space.

  • Red: Confidence, passion, energy, excitement
  • Orange: Warm, vibrant, friendly, wholesome
  • Yellow: Optimistic, happy, inspired, modern
  • Green: Relaxing, joyful, balanced, stable 
  • Blue: Calm, friendly, strong, cool 
  • Purple: Inspired, luxurious, romantic, serene 
  • Pink: Delicate, romantic, feminine, tranquil 
  • White: Youthful, clean, refreshing, contemporary 
  • Gray: Elegance, intelligence, classic, disciplined
  • Black: Elegant, powerful, mysterious, sophisticated 
  • Brown: Natural, secure, content, comforting 

Interior Paint Colors

The psychology of color can make the task of choosing a paint color a little easier. For example, you may want a dining room full of lively conversation, cheerful interactions, and engaging energy. In that case, red would be well-suited to your dining room over a calmer color like green or blue. 

On the other hand, you may want a calmer color for a bedroom. If you prefer that your guest room or nursery be a calming, inviting space, cool colors like pink, blue, and green may be great options. 

Keep in mind that it is possible to have too much of a good thing. While color psychology is a great place to start in your paint decisions, it is important to consider your practical day-to-day living. Black adds elegance and sophistication to a room, but too much black can feel depressing over time. White can feel clean and crisp, but it can also get stale or boring. In some cases, color psychology works great for choosing an accent color. You can set the mood for an entire room with a bold color choice. 

Bedroom Color Ideas

Bedrooms are often the hardest paint colors to choose. After all, you will have to spend a lot of time in the space and the paint can impact all of your décor choices. Your bedroom should be a place to relax. Maybe you have a workspace in your room where you want to be creative, or you live with a partner and want to reconnect each day. Your paint color can help you achieve all of those goals. 

Some studies have found that warm colors like red can increase your heart rate, which is less than ideal for a good night’s sleep. If you want to feature red paint in your room, consider using a lighter shade or using red as an accent color. Similarly, blue has been found to lower your heart rate and provide a calming effect. Cool colors can help you unwind after a long day. 

Living Room Color Ideas

The living room is the main staple of any home, so living room color ideas are crucial. The paint color you choose should represent you. Consider the energy you want to feel when you walk into the room and how you want your guests to feel. Do you want your home to be an oasis of relaxation? Do you want your living room to host rousing discussions? Do you want to create a space that feels warm and inviting? Whatever your preferences, the color will make a big impact.

Living rooms are an excellent space for accent colors. If you have large walls and a lot of space to cover, be cautious about overusing a single color. Darker hues and bold colors can be overwhelming to the eye, while bright colors can seem boring or fall flat. Using these colors sparingly can add emotion and character to your living room without overdoing it.

Unique Color Choices

Here are some great color picker sites that can help you on your way to finding great paint and color choices for your space:

Behr Color Smart: Color Selection Tool

Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer: Color Snap

Glidden Room Visualizer: Paint Your Room Online

Best Neutral Paint Colors for Your Space

Are you looking for neutral paint colors? Check out this great and helpful video from Benjamin Moore.

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