Pop Art Guide

When Did Pop Art Begin: 


What Inspired Pop Art: 

Pop art sought to challenge the idea of what art is and what art should art be.

Instead of being influenced by classic examples of art, created by artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Peter Paul Rubens, pop artist turned to the messages found in pop culture.

The new inspiration for the pop art movement came from images found on film, television, and commercial advertising.

Pop Art Characteristics

Pop artists presented bright, bold primary colors such as red, green, and blue, and they embraced subjects of popular culture and imagery and infused messages of humor and satire.

The aim of ideology of pop art was  to distance movement from the conventional idea of the artist’s hand in the creation of a work of art as most art is traditionally formed.

As a result, these artists often used techniques previously associated with commercial advertising such as silkscreening or serigraphy and commercial off-set lithography.

Instead these artists presented many prints, through the form of prints or multiples.

Pop Art Artists

Artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and Keith Haring are some of the most well-known artists associated with the pop art movement.

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