Japanese Iron Ikebana Vase

19th Century Edo Period, Iron Kado


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Shop this Japanese Iron Ikebana Vase for sale. The vase dates to the 19th Century Edo Period, in an iron kado shape. This iron ikebana container dates from the 1850s to-1860s. The vessel sits on a three-pronged tripod base and is darky oxidated with a muffin top or sprouted shape. It is heavy and works as an incense burner or candle holder.

Ikebana vases or Utsuwa, the Japanese word for pot, are unique art and sculpture. These arrangements can add a stunning decorative arrangement that transforms your space using traditional flower choices such as camellia and peonies. Dating to the 7th century, Ikebana, also known as “kado,” is the Japanese art of flower arrangement.


The vessel is 9 inches in diameter and 4 inches in height.


The vessel has oxidation and tarnish with light abrasions.

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