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Art Print guide

Etchings, engravings, lithographs, linocuts, woodcuts. We discuss what makes each of them unique, and provide examples of these printing process types as they apply to works of art, prints, and multiples.

Ojime bead guide

Ojime bead guide. We discuss the history, use, and examples of these functional ornaments.

A SIMPLE POP art guide

A pop art made simple. We present when, who, what, and how for pop art in simple straightforward terms.

The Great sphinx of giza

The Great Sphinx of Giza made simple. We discuss the who, what, where, when, and how, and present examples of the sphinx in depictions of art.

What makes art good

What makes art good, and how can you learn to see art like the professionals? The answer is simple, but simple solutions don’t mean there are any shortcuts.

University Art Museums

We share our list of the top twenty university art museums in the United States. Complete with links!

Cider Health and Wellness

We share 19th century insight into the health effects of cider from the book “Our Wonderful Bodies” 1894.

William Withering

From the Medical Pickick 1915 on William Withering and the limits of medical knowledge.

chinese poercelain

A private collection of imperial Chinese art treasures from the collection of Edward Wasserman 1916.

Seven gods of luck

We discuss the seven gods of luck and what each of them refers to in their use for home decor and collecting in Japanese art.

Japanese Art Dictionary

A Japanese art dictionary to help buyers navigate the vernacular of Japanese paintings and works of art.

The Yamanaka Collection

In conjunction with the sale of this rare catalog, we present a partial summary of the highly rare and important Imperial Chinese auction lots of the Yamanaka Collection 1916.

Manuscript Misery

Thoughts on dealing with writers cramp. From writings from 1915. 


An article from 1852 on hw to preserve the beauty of the skin, from the Boston Journal of Medicine.

How To buy art

A helpful guide on how to buy art thoughtfully.


Our contributing Sarah Beth Kelly shares her thoughts on what is vintage decor!

All About Snoopy Collectibles

Our own Jackie Stall discusses the world of Snoopy collectibles.

the 1946 penny

An overview on the 1946 what penny, values, history, and more.

Charlie Brown Character collectibles

A guide on Charlie Brown character collectibles

Wall Art Prints (A Buyers Guide )

We discuss buying wall art prints, their values, and how to be an educated buyer. 

10 Great Movies About Art and the Art Market

Ten films all about the art market and artwork. 

what is abstract wall art

What is abstract wall art? A discussion and summary of abstract wall art.

Sustainable Decor

Antique, vintage, and modern decor, but sustainable decor? How buying antique, vintage, and modern helps keep our lives eco-woke and maybe a smart play for our finances!


We consider how to begin to develop your own voice for personal interior design and decor!

Best DIY Potpourri Recipe Blogs

Our list of the best DIY Blogs All About Potpourri Recipes, Tips, and Ideas.

how to decorate a living room

How to decorate a living room? In this article, we look at some different living room configurations and options and make suggestions on how to improve them and point out what works and what doesn’t in the example spaces.

The Edo Period Made Simple

Over 265 years of Tokugawa Shogunate rule in a feudal system made simple. Isolationism, revolts, and the Meiji restoration. For anyone that is interested in learning more about the history of the items we sell from Japan!

Leroy neiman

Who was LeRoy Neiman? We have a simple subject discussion on the artist, his path, and his artistic discovery.

Farmhouse decor ideas

What is farmhouse decor? We discuss the underpinning of farmhouse decor, and provide ideas and inspiration to keep you headed in the right direction.

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